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Slave Rebellion

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the event that kicked off the The Chaos Wars. A small group of slaves of various races built an underground resistance group to fight against the Atlantean oppressors. It took many years for them to grow large enough to be able to throw up an effective resistance. 

The Resistance found many small ways to sow disruption for their Overlords. Some were small and seemingly harmless, while others were destructive and deadly. Many of the Resistance would rather die than continue under their rule. After years of this almost ineffective work, they turned to guerilla warfare and at times head to head fighting. 

When the serious fighting began, the Resistance changed their name to the Maquis because of their guerilla tactics of hiding in the bush or shadows and then attacking. Many of these fighters died horribly, but they took this as a price of freedom for their families and friends. 

Early on, they found a way to deactivate their GSD devices. Some found was to destroy it, while others found Atlantean collaborators that were sensitive to their cause, these people were able to either remove the device or permanently disable it. Of course, many people fell into withdrawal and some died but it was all for the cause.

The Conflict


The Maquis were deployed in cells that didn't know about each other. The leaders might know about one or two of the closest ones but that was it.


Mostly on Atlantia, but anywhere that Atlanteans had outposts with subjugated people, there was at least one cell.


For those of the Maquis that worked from the outside and not in the 'trenches', the conditions were better. They weren't under the Atlanteans' direct control, they were free.


This conflict led directly to the Astralus and its allies to seek reparations and when that didn't work, to declare war and so started the Chaos Wars.


The Atlanteans were defeated and drove from Aquatica.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
960 CR
Ending Date
1120 CW
Conflict Result
This brought the plight of the subjigated to the attention of the Astralus and their allies.

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