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1205's Battle of Navara

The Battle of Navara was a siege following The Usurpation of Navara by Kairoz the Andorian, and marked the Kingdom of Navara as the first territory to be lost by the Second Empire of Ader during The Great Kadian Split.

The Conflict


Following the Cautrizing of Northriver Kairoz and his forces were denied entry to the city; House Bneurling and House Nesraf allied themselves with the city's High Inquisitor and had the city's gates be opened.
As Kairoz entered the city, he declared he's deposing the king, initiating a gruesome fight.   Following a speech, House Redanerl and House Verhill both declare their loyalty to Kairoz, with Verhill retreating to their estates in Karhil to muster forces.  

"To rule is divine; while my divinity is undoubtable, the king's has yet to show itself. While my rulership was the sole savior of this city, the king's was the one that put it at risk to begin with. You are an enemy of the citizenry of this city, this kingdom, and this empire; you are an affront to the Four, and I have come as this agonized land's messiah on their behalf. Those of you who are misguided and yet side with his highness may join me and be absolved. Those who won't are beyond saving."
At the morning of 1st of Last Judgment, The Blue Palace was engulfed in a fiery pillar and collapsed into the ground just as the morning prayer led by Kairoz was concluded.


10th of Last Judgement - The Emperor of Ader, Rederic Amarell, mobilizes his army to march on Navara.
12th of Last Judgement - The Duke of Karhaven Areyus Verhill declares war on the Inquisition faction known as Light's Hand, joining the emperor's march on the capital city of Navara and betraying Kairoz.
16th of Last Judgement - Kairoz sends an envoy to Osternfel, asking the empress to help in his crusade against the Emperor of Ader; he claims the emperor "cares more about the kings his forefathers appointed... disregarding the holy scriptures and the benefit of his empire".
8th of Sage's Wisdom - The Aderian Royal Army arrives at Navara, besieging the capital. Kairoz does not yield.

The Engagement

Following five months of siege, with already rationed food supplies running low, on the 1st of First Bloom 1206, The Ostian Army lays a faux siege on the northern part of Navara after crossing the Debye Pass with reportedly no casualties. A large portion of the army crosses the Roxmore and sets up camp in the periphery of Aderian Army's camp.   After a week, the southern gates of Navara are swung open with the forces of Light's Hand pouring out and charging towards the Aderian army. At the same time, the Ostian cavalry attacks from the rear and Ostian anti-siege equipment is deployed from the flanks. Within a few hours, the Aderian Army is decimated and its commanders surrender. The forces of House Verhill retreat to Goldclaw Castle and prepare for a siege.   On the 4th of Last Harvest, Light's Hand and the Ostian Army breach the castle's defenses. For their betrayal, the duchy of Karhaven is eradicated: the Verhills are all accounted for and burnt at the stake with Kairoz himself igniting the pyres; toddlers were drowned in the Roxmore. The lands around the city of Karhill and the Golden Hills are given to House Nesraf.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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Crushing victory for Light's Hand


  • Settlement - Navara
    The Grand City of Navara sits on the narrowest crossing of the mighty Everrane and Roxmore, it is the only crossing between Roxmore Planes of Castamere, the Golden Hills of Karhaven and the frontier leading to Debye Pass and the Amadel Mountains. Those unique traits have turned the city into the most successful trading hub in the Empire of Ader.

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