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Kingdom of Ader

The Kingdom of Ader is a Kadian kingdom considered to be the sister kingdom of Navara, with the two together comprising the Kadian Dominion. Historically the kingdom was made up of 3 petty-kingdoms; Krath, Arkford and Ammand, unified under one ruler but operating independently from each other. However, following the Great Kadian Split, Krath seceded from the Second Empire of Ader and from Ader, with Ammand and Arkford becoming duchies.   The King of Ader was always the next in line to the title of Emperor of Ader, though this changed with the dissolution of the empire. The Sovereign of Ader, being a member of House Andoriani, serves as the Regens Divina, or the Regent of the Divine, in Kairoz the Andorian's stead.


The Aderian Military is comprised of three branches: the Aderian Royal Army, the Aderian Admirality, and the Aderian Survey Corps. Some military units, most notably the Borbazec Index, are comprised of Aderian soldiers but answer directly to the Kadian Military Cooperation Services or to the Kadian Intelligence Services. Other Aderian militaristic groups, such as The Inquisition, the Order of the Vermilion Orchid, the Justiciar Order, or the Order of the White Rose, sometimes work with the military, with the nature and efficacy of the interaction being highly variable.


The kingdom of Ader is a religious state, with little to no tolerance to any deviations from the dogma of The Four; violent persecuations against arcance spellcasters are quite common (see salemizia), and the inquisition suprasses any and all forms of heresy, with the lives of apostates and maleficars being under constant threat.

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Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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