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A Maleficar (Maleficarum, plural) is a title used to describe high magic users that are being hunted by the Andorian Church and the Inquisition. In Andorian lands, namely Osternfell and the The Empire of Ader they are considered outlaws and providing proof for the capturing or killing of one may yield a reward. The term does not exist outside of Aderian lands and is frowned upon by the Conclave of Magi  

Magic Practitioners

Not all who practice magic outside of the Conclave of Magi programs are considered heretics. While sorcerers, warlocks, druids, shamans and even some bards are actively being hunted, some forms of magic are considered tolerable.   Clerics and paladins magic is considered of divine origin and many other people use low magic are generally tolerated.  


In order to brand a person as a Maleficar, the accuser must present 3 evidences:
  • The accused have used magic in a nefarious way.
  • There was a malicious intent to the act.
  • The well being of the accuser or of another person was in danger.
  In the case of a Wizard that has turned Maleficar the Conclave use the Nullifiers in order to assist in apprehending them, although peaceful solutions are generally more sought after.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

Contract on Dalagor Shasandoral. Issued by the Pacificatores due to accusations of murder and regicied.
Civic, Law


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