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Second Empire of Ader

The Second Empire of Ader, commonly referred to as 'The Aderian Empire', was a mjor political entity controlling Lake Kadia and the Kaviri Highlands. It was founded by Sandor Amarell in 922 AC and was ruled by his descendants who were considered Envoys of Agustin until their deposition and excommunication by Kairoz the Andorian in 1207 AC after the 1207 Battle of Ammand.


The empire was led by the Emperor of Ader who's will is law. Each of the kingdom was governed by a King who may divide their land land as they sees fit with accordance to the empire's rules and laws. Dukes serve the kings and govern their land while barons are responsible for control of the peasant population. Sometime, mainly in frontier towns, a Townmaster would be elected among the populace and report to the local baron.

Demography and Population

At its peak, the Aderian Empire had a total of about 9 million registered citizens. The largest city and the capital, Ammand, had a population of 51 thousand people. The second largest city, Navara, had a population of 40 thousand and almost 10 thousands of those were executed during the Battle of Navara.


The empire territory covered a the entirety of Lake Kadia from the The West Ocean to the Northern Amadels with the exclusion of Deepvale Forest, and even included much of the northern Kaviri Highlands. It was bordered to the southern by Great Wall of the Vintian Imperium and the jungles of Athos.


The empire controled a sizable army, most comprised of light and heavy infantry assisted by light cavalry. It also possesd impressive artillery units. The army was used mainly to combat threats in the Kaviri Highlands and in the empire's eastern frontier. While this army was vast, it was considered to be spread thin and to have inferior training, as was evident in the empire's struggle to hold it's cotrol against the Inquisition during the 3rd Inquisition.   Protection of the trade routes fell under the responsibility of each king while being assisted with crown forces should the need arise. This approach worked well for dealing with small threats but proved highly ineffective against well armed and trained martial forces. Most of the vassel kingdom's soldiers were peasant conscripts and criminals, and proved unable to deal with organized forces such as the well trained Col'bhen Cint'nias.   This inexperience meant that police work and peacekeeping also mostly fell on the communities themselves, usually with a trained guard in cities, but only a representative and militia in the more rural areas.


The only officially practiced religion in the Aderian Empire was the Andorian Church's Dogma of The Four. Any and all other forms of religion are banned were viewed as heretical, an offense which was investigated and dealt with by a specialized organization and could be punishable by death in certain cases.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

920 - 1207

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