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The Aderian people are natives to the west areas of Lake Kadia. namely, the Aderian Bank the The Green Crest and the Osvir Planes. They are the predominant culture around lake kadia and also those who controled it's area for the longest time. Some Aderian families can trace their origins to the founding of Ammand.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ailis, Amalia, Bella, Bethany, Cassia, Cauthrien, Danella, Delilah, Ealisay, Eleanor, Farrah, Flissa, Godwin, Goldanna, Henriett, Hildi, Iona, Judith, Justine, Keili, Kendell, Landra, Leliana, Melora, Micah, Nancine, Nessa

Masculine names

Abernath, Aidan, Barris, Boann, Colbert, Connor, Devons ,Duncan ,Eadric, Eirik, Gareth, Gilmore, Harritt, Henric, Irving, Jansen, Jory, Kail, Kolgrim, Landry, Loghain, Matthias, Mikel, Niall, Norbert

Family names

Alferder, Amell, Bryland, Corwood, Couldry, Dedrick, Dryden, Eddelbrek, Eremon, Fallstick, Genitivi, Guerrin,Harding, Hawkwind, Howe, Oswin, Urien


Major language groups and dialects

Aderians mostly speak Common Aderian.

Culture and cultural heritage

Aderians view themselves as descendants of Agustin Andor and his followers. Most Aderian, especially those in Empire of Ader will follow one of the The Four.

Coming of Age Rites

When an Aderians reaches 16 summers they are considered adults, can marry and start a family.

Historical figures

Agustin Andor was the founder of Ader and as such is viewed as a father figure to most Aderians. The Emperor of Ader must always be of Aderian origins.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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