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Kingdom of Saltis

The Kingdom of Saltis is an independent nation located in the northern banks of Lake Kadia and centered around it's capital, Saltis. The kingdom began its existence as a principality under the Second Empire of Ader but after the empire's collapse it gained its sovereignty from the Kingdom of Ader.


The kingdom, while large in territory, is fairly rural and power revolves mostly around the capital, Saltis, where the King of Saltis lives and manages the realm. The power structure of the kingdom is extremely consolidated with only three dukes controling the lands, each with no more than a handful of barons.


While most Saltisian families can trace their blood to Kavirian origins, their culture has shifted a great deal from their northern forefathers, and toward the southern Aderians, embracing many of their traditions and behaviors. The Kingdom of Saltis actively attempts to accelerate this shift, with most nobles already completely denouncing past fates and behaviors in favor of Aderian ones. This attempt is hindered however by the nation's need of northern allies in their fight against the Earldom of Dris. Some Kavirian customs even still remain popular among the peasantry, especially in the nation's more rural parts.


Saltis was first conceived as a principality after the Kavirian War of 916 between the Kingdom of Kavir and the Second Empire of Ader, when it was created as a buffer state between the two under the direct control of the empire.   While culturally Saltis was already very similar to the southern Aderians of Ammand, tensions between the kingdom and the empire remained high, especially as denizens of the empire were heavily taxed to support the new kingdom.   By the 11th century the principality was mostly self sufficient, eliminating the main cause for tensions between Ammand and Saltis. Despite the sincere friendship that rose between the two, the empire's effort to expand into the eastern frontier towards the end of century came at the cost of lowering the security around the Red Hills and the Blood Valley. This redistribution of military effort left large parts of the principality vulnerable to orcish tribes and elven rebels.   The eruption of the Kavirian civil war in 1207 promptly lead to raids and incursions in Saltis by it's former northern ruling nation; after the Battle of Ammand, when it became painfully clear that Aderian help would not arrive, the principality of Saltis declared its independence in 1210. In a desperate attempt to prevent the dissolution of the empire, the Kingdom of Ader repudiated the declaration, leading to a lengthy war of attrition.   In 1239, with the establishment of the Kadian Dominion, the politically experienced Raikor Bneurling sensed the rising tensions in the duchy of Krath and urged Isolda Artzmit, The Queen of Ader and his mother-in-law, to recognize Saltis's right for independence and acknowledge its sovereignty over the Red Hills, Osvir Planes and the Uraki Foothills, while conditioning the proposal with Saltis's assistance in the event of the tensions escelating towards a full-blown war. The principality agreed, as it already had issues protecting it's southern borders from pirates and Kavirian privateers who capitalized on the chaos and disarray of the Great Kadian Split; the 1240's Krath War for Independence erupted a year later.   As the Krathian civil war came to an end, the principality was officialy recognized as an independent kingdom by the Andorian Alliance and became a full-fledged member. Though it retained its independence from the Kadian Dominion, this arrangement have proven beneficial for both the SFLK and the the newly found kingdom, each having much more to gain than to lose.   Losing access to the Kavirian salt trade that fueled it in the past did not affect Saltis as drastically as one might think, as the nation quickly transitioned to mine the Red Hills for iron, which proved to be of the highest purity around Lake Kadia and is in almost constant demand.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Saltis has a complicated and complex relations with all its neighbors. The country tries to distant itslef from its Kavirian roots, but is forced to meddle in the affairs of Kaviri Highlands, mostly as a mean of defense against the Earldom of Dris who holds a considerable threat to the nation's soverignty.   The kingdom's relations with the Kingdom of Ader are perhaps the most stable out of any other nation it neighbors. The two depend on each other for trade in materials, food and security. Despite Saltis leaving the collapsing Second Empire of Ader in a war for independence, once the Kadian Dominion formed it eventually granted the former principality its independence in return for their aid in another war. With Saltisian culture already heavily affected by the Aderian culture, the two have been in warm realations since.   Saltis is a member of the Andorian Alliance, but due to its centralization the nation only holds limited relations with members they do not share a land border with.

Foreign Relations Map

Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

En larmes de sel, pour les champs de verdure.
In tears of salt, for fields of green.

Founding Date
922 as a principality;
1239 as a kingdom.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Predecessor Organizations
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Market economy
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

Trade Partners

The Kingdom of Saltis and the Earldom of Mavis have a long history of both alliances and wars while both were part of the Kingdom of Kavir. While at the past the two were at odds, Slatis supports Mavis demands for Independence and often supply them with ships, weapons and coin. This alliance, while expansive, serves as one of Slatis' most important contacts in it's war against Earldom of Dris and the Earldom of Agorak.


The Kingdom of Saltis was an independant nation since the dissbandment of the second Empire of Ader. While the Kingdom of Ader used to be their overlord in the past, relations were not soured too badly between the two and they enjoy trade and military cooporation. With most of the iron around Lake Kadia being mined from the Red Hills in its territory, Slatis have become one of the largest supplier on iron ore on the continant. The Aderians and Saltisians mostly trade iron for security and grain, and each of the two nations rely heavily on the other to sustain their millitary, mills and more.


Both the Kingdom of Saltis and the Kingdom of Navara are members of the Andorian Alliance, and hold strong trade relations. The two kingdoms trade encompass mostly iron from the Red Hills for gold and silver from the Golden Hills. Saltis also relies heavily on


While both the Kingdom of Saltis and the Archduchy of Taldir belonging to the Andorian Alliance, the two hold very limited relations. The Archduchy main supplier of high quality iron is the Kingdom of Dam Lodir, giving it very little reason to pay the military price that is often associated to trading with Saltis. Furthermore, the Taldirians view the Saltisians as a sub culture of the Aderians who's meddling with the lake's affairs led to the Taldirian War.

Closed Borders

Same as they treat any other Humanoid nation, the wood elves of Clan Telvarsir have no diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Saltis and the borders remain closed, and regularly patrolled from both sides.

At War

Tensions between the Kingdom of Saltis and the Earldom of Dris have been high ever since the former broke off from the former Kingdom of Kavir during the Kavirian War of 916. When the Second Empire of Ader fell, hostilities between the two were renewed almost overnight, and in great force. The Saltisians view the Earldom as a barbaric relic of the past that humanity must put aside, while the Drisians view Saltis as a rouge nation that controls land that is rightfully theirs by birthright.


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