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The Municipality of Evronfel is a collection of city-states united under the jurisdiction of the Free City of Eevornfel. The nation is located on the eastern side of the Northern Amadels, and is bordered by the Kingdom of Dam Lodir to the west, Clan Telnarthor to the north and with Osternfel, the Hegemony of Xesian and Kir Drakar to the south. Evornfel is the only nation to both have a sit in the Free Cities Board of Directors, and be a member of the Andorian Alliance.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

By Treaty And By Axe

Geopolitical, Republic
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Democracy, Representative
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Cautious Relations

While the sun elves view the dwarves as the rightful rulers of the Amadel Mountains, Evornfel's expansion into the surrounding lands is viewed by the Kingdom of Aratir as heretical, and more importantly as transgression into their sovereignty. Relations are currently lukewarm, but both sides know that should the elves come to reclaim their ancient ground, war would be inevitable.

Limited Relations

The city-state of Evornfel and the Kingdom of Halanhar had vastly different views regarding the place of the elder races in the world. The dwarven-human city-state push for cooperation and trade, sometimes even at the cost of breaking eons long traditions. The most grievous of sins, in the eyes of Clan Telnarthor, is allowing humans to settle in the Amadel Mountains as forbidden by the Treaty of Four, a treaty that Evornfel reminds the clan times and again that they took no part in. The two never settled their conflicts with force, and relations are considered cold, yet manageable, which suite both sides just fine.

Cold War

The Kingdom of Dam Lodir views Evornfel as a rouge nation and as an illegitimate contender to their lands. Furthermore, Evornfel acceptance of human settlers is considered blasphemous by the Lodiran who signed the Treaty of Four, banning mankind from settling in the Amadel Mountains. Evornfel on the other hand, view Dam Lodir a relic of the past that clings to dead traditions. The two never came to blows, but spies and agents are known to be regularly in use to gather intelligence and sabotage both economy and military assets, with trade dominance in Debye Pass being their top priority.


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