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Treaty of Four

The Treaty of Four is a dwarven treaty made between the humanoids, elves and dwarves living in, and around, Lake Kadia. It bars humanoids from settling the north and center of the Amadel Mountains, Deepvale Forest and Halanhar Forest, in return to racial sovereignty around Lake Kadia.


The treaty main purpose is maintaining a statusque in the division of land around Lake Kadia following the Elders War and to prevent another intense occurances of speciesism such as the Razing of Halestar.

Document Structure

Legal status

The treaty is still enforced by the crown, as no men is allowed to settle in the Amadel Mountains, Deepvale Forest or in theNorth Forest. The woods are still allowed to be cut and the mountains to be excavated for ore, which sometimes result in tension between the contracted sides.

Historical Details


Following the Elders War, Agustin Andor search for way to settle for peace with the Elder races.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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