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It's The Internet

What is ITI?

It's The Internet, or ITI, means we acknowledge the fact that by letting our content be accessible to the honorable general public of the internet we have absolutely no control on how it's going to been used. For all we care, the moment something here has gone public you can do whatever you want with it. We try and do our best to abide by the rules other impose on their own intelectual properties (and rightfuly so!), but from this point onward all we can do is humbly ask that you take these 3 pleas to your hearth before you do anything. We'll even break them down below so it won't be confusing.


if you arrived here because you found one of your works, you should know a few things:
  • Your work is here because it was found listed under Creative Commons or similar license that allows sharing, editing and redistribution of the content.
  • If it misses the correct credits, it's not intentional.
  • If you want your art removed it will be done, asap.
  • Please, read this page before contacting me.

Plea #1: Credit the artist

Seriously, we can not stress how important this is. If you're gonna be a jerk and wont bother reading the rest, at least do this.

Most of the art you see here was modified, patched together or simply filtered in some way. This project started small, and we mean real small, 4 people inside jokes small. We used beautiful art as the base for our art because it was beautiful. But beautiful takes talent and talent takes money. Just because it's you and your friends doesn't mean no one else will stumble upon it.   And guess what? Some of those people who see the beautiful things can actually pay the talented people to make more beautiful things! But if we didn't credit the artists these visitors won't reach the artist, so they won't pay them to make new beautiful things and the whole trust thing just collapsed, the artist can't pay living expanses, the internet becomes an uglier place. Overall that's a bad scenario for everyone involved. If you still fail to understand the logic behind why crediting the artist is important, you can skip this whole page and go make an NFT or something.

Plea #2: Keep it free

You can use this content for free because we enjoy creating. If you put it behind some paywall, you may be smart, but you're also an asshole.

We're not going to hire a legal team after you, we don't have that kind of time or money. In fact, we don't even have the time or money to proof read our own metarials, so if you simply "lifted" soemthing from here to fill some pages in your book, "good f***ing luck in print," is all we have to say to you. And yes these were 100% intentional.

Plea #3: Help others when you can.

You know the picture, you know the artist, there's no credit, tell us.

If you made it thus far, you're probably a somewhat decent person, so thank you for existing. Now to the third and final plea.   We're trying, we're really trying. We combed through the entire art collection, fixed the missing credits we could find and more importantly, verify their authors. There's very little point in crediting the website that plagiarized the original content to begin with, reverse image search mostly solves this issue. Sometimes however, we modified an image in a destructive manner ages ago, and now the source files have been lost. Other times the image was manipulated and photoshopped to such extent that it is no longer resembles the original in any way. There are probably a few we simply missed. Sorry, we're human.   Either way, if you find something that's missing credits, and you know where it comes from, let us know. We also ask that you take the same approach in your own sites.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


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Time Bender
17 Nov, 2021 03:05

Hey best of luck to you! I have no intention to use your work in any way, shape or form, but I hope people will respect your wishes. This is a beautiful project, and I hope it stays that way! :)

6 Jan, 2022 10:36

Isn't this just like Creative Commins license?

8 Jan, 2022 19:30

It is, but it's not a legal thing, and was written from the bottom of our hearts.

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