DEITIES in Numidius

Demigods, Patrons & Saints



Demigods are beings who wield a great power but not considered as powerful as those that control entire domains. Some demigods, such as those of Eyre's Angelic Host are mentioned in scriptures, yet require no veneration from the greater god of their domain. A demigod who lacks an overlord can also be classified as a patron.


Usually worshiped by the occult, Patrons are beings that are capable of manifesting noticeable powers to select individuals or places, yet is not considered to be fully fledged gods. Patrons have greater freedoms from their counterparts, as they do not have to maintain a duty over an entire domain or aspect.


Some cultures and religeons have former mortals canonized as saints. These saints are often people who achieved greatness for their society or other important deed, often by making the ultimate sacrifice. Saints are mostly announced after their death and various prayers, rituals, holidays and mourning days are usually being tied to their namesake.
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