A saint is someone who is canonized by the Andorian Church to be remembered for their deeds. A saint can be declared only after their demise, as no person is considered free of their sins during their mortal life.


To be declared a Saint, a person must lead a life of piety and devotion, end their in sacrifice, or while providing a vital service to the church in times of need. Despite this statement, there have been cases of supposed canonization even for people who were not fierce and devoted followers of the church.


When a person of great importance dies, the church wait 8 years to allow for any of their sins and wrongdoings to surface. If the sins and errors of the person are considered petty or nullified, they are canonized by the Arch Priest in a ceremony taking place on each New Year's Morn in Ammand.   In the case the person who is canonized does not have an Aderian name, a suitable name, closest to the original in meaning, will be chosen for them.


Any direct offspring of a canonized saint receive their surname as their own and are considered remnants of a holy heritage. They are placed in a social status similar to nobles, although they do not receive any unique right. They are granted housing in the Cathedral Square in Ammand. The family also receive the right to a designated plot to erect their mausoleum or burial crypt. Other benefits include favored relations with the clergy and enjoying the prestige and popularity their ancestor deeds brings them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

In the case of a false saint or in the case a major sin is found after being canonized, the Arch-Priest will declare the saint as 'uncanon'. They will read the name of the saint in the Cathedral Square and list his newly found sins and crimes. Any benefits enjoyed by the former saint's family will be considered null and void as they will be forced to leave their house in the square and deliver any lands or assets they received as result of the original canonizing, so long as no more then two generations have passed since then.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Religious, Special
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