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Old Ammand

(This article discusses the old capital of the Second Empire of Ader. For information on the current capitol, please read Ammand)
Old Ammand, localy known as the Lower City is the former capital of the Second Empire of Ader. The old city is the second most important holy site the Andorian Church which was founded.


Old Ammand was built on and around a large hill overlooking the lake. The famous renowned Ammand Keep is located on the hilltop, utilizing the northern stream within the Aderian Forest as a natural defensive moat and the steep northern and eastern slopes of the marshy hill as natural walls. This strategic usage of the local topography proved to be efficient to such an extant that the keep was never successfully conquered by force since it was built circa 20 ᗲ1 (20 AC).
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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