Balaas the Just

Cardinal of the Inquisition Arrakor Solen

Cardinal Balaas the Just was the Cardinal of the Inquisition during the War of the Cleric. Though he officially never sided with Kairoz the Andorian and publically denounced Light's Hand, he made no attempts to hinder either, and had his men open the doors of the Andorian Cathedral for Kairoz.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born as Arakkor Solen to a devout Ostian migrant family, he quickly found his path as a clergyman. However, in 1162 a close childhood friend of his was stabbed to death by a known Apostate; though the circumstances were unclear, this event caused a shift in his perspective and redirected him towards the path of the Inquisition.   He became a full fledged ordained inquisitor in 1164, meteorically rising through the ranks. Since he already was a clergyman, his training was mainly focused with acquiring the necessery Venator skills needed for becoming an Inquisitor; this is not to say that his rise was only due to said convinience, as very few individuals have ever finished the venatores training regime in less than three years, with the vast majority of them taking four.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Most notably, Balaas was one of the signatories of the Ferrus Manus Contra Haereticus, a treatise encompassing the work of an inquisitor, and it still serves as the inquisition's guidebook more than three centuries since its writing.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Current Location
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1144 AC 1244 AC 100 years old
The Commons of Navara
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