"As Judge, I have accused you;
As Jury, I find you guilty;
As executioner, I will pray to be sentenced as you were."
  - Closing statement of an inquisitorial summary sentence
Inquisitors are members of the inquisition that oversee the inquisition's operations in small cities or, more commonly, assist a High Inquisitor with his oversight over a capital; their duties include, but not limited to: interrogations; investigations; arbitration in religious disputes. Ordained Inquisitors are former members of the Venatores and serve almost exclusively as field agents.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Becoming An Inquisitor

Prestige Class

Taking a level in this class requires the following:
  • Character Level: 5+
  • Channel Divinity class feature
  • Any Fighting Style
  • Proficiencies: Deception, Perception
  • Renown: Andorian Church (2).
  • Languages: Aderic, at least one of Infernal/Abyssal/Sylvan and at least one of Dwarvish/Elvish/Gnim.
  • Special: Must successfully go through an Inquisitorial Ordainment.

Religious, Special
Form of Address
His Grace
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations


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