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Elven (commonly called Elvish and sometimes referred to as the True Tongue) is a broad term for a family of languages spoken and written by Elves. All elven languages and tongues evolved from a single, now dead, language named Seldruin.

Geographical Distribution

While the language is well spread all across Edora, and even in other planes, not all elves speak even the Common Elvish. The vast majority who live in cities or away from elven cultural centers mostly speak and write in their location's common language.


While each clan has its own unique words, most of the syntax remains the same across most elven cultures. The division is usually between two branches:

High Elven (Ar'a'Tir)

An ancient Tongue that is more or less faithful to an original single elven language that is now exinct. It is spoken almost exclusively by high elves and used mostly for ritual purposes and traditional customs by spiritual and political leaders. It is exceedingly rare for an elf to talk to a non-elf in High Elven.

Common Elven (Sel'Tir)

A more loose and casual language, used for conversing, art and non-elven diplomacy. Common Elvish may even pick other words into the lexicon, exspecially when no bridging word exists. Common Elvish changes and morphs depending on the location it is spoken at, yet also kept unified enough for an elf from one side of the continent to be able to understand an elf from another.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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