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Edora, more commonly known as The Continent, is the name given to settled and known lands in the material plane. Edora is bordered in the west by the The Cruel Sea and to the east by the Teralic Sea. the northern taiga gives way to vast grasslands that turn into scorching deserts. Dwarven kingdoms dwell deep inside the massive Amadel Mountains, connected by the mostly collapsed Deep Roads. on the surface of the mountain range clans of dragonborns, Goliaths, kobolds and orcs make their home.  

Map of Edora

The only complete map of Edora is dated to 598, it was created with 300 years of activity by the old Cartographers Guild. Since 1195 there is active effort by the Empire of Ader to re-create the map.


The continent is surrounded by two oceans, the Cruel Sea to the west and the Teralic Sea to the east. The north consist mostly of ancient taiga and rugged tundras. The grasslands of Osternfell and Ader are separated by a vast mountain range, almost separating the northern half of the continent into two.
South of Ader and Osternfell there are deserts, savannas and jungles. Most of the southern landmass was destroyed and turned into the Darsal Sea.

Fauna & Flora

Edora is a home to many different species spread across multiple biomes and habitats. The northern part of the continent consists of unexplored ancient taigas and frozen tundras.   The western side of the continent, mainly The Empire of Ader, enjoys plenty of rainfall and has lush and arable grasslands with somewhat dense forests. The eastern side, ruled mainly by the kingdom of Osternfell have a slightly warmer weather and less rainfall.   The central belt is home to two rain forests, a savanna in the west and a vast desert in the east. The entire central mass used to be a lot greener and lush but a Cataclysmic Event salted, poisoned or corrupted most of the water in the area resulting in mass extinctions as the area began to become dryer and more hospitable.   The southern area of the continent is comprised of a single ancient living-forest, most of it blighted and due to said cataclysmic events. The very tip however still consist of beautiful beaches and lagoons.

Natural Resources

Edora is rich with iron, silver, gold and platinum as well as many other metals like copper and zinc that can be found relatively close to the surface. The Ancient dwarven cities carved many tunnels under the Amadel Mountains. Most tunnels have collapsed and remain unused but some have been reopened and allowed easier access to rarer materials like ebony and gems.   The northern tundras is rich with salts and southern to the tundras the soil is prime for agriculture. The central and southern mass consist in a harsher environment but also lush rain forest providing plenty of food and game.   there are several fresh water bodies, the biggest are Lake Kadia, the North Pearl and the Darsal Sea. The later is almost impossible to cross or fish in due to dangerous magical anomalies and many monstrosities.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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