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Deep Roads

The Deep Roads are a network of tunnels spread across the Amadel Mountains. The tunnels used to connect dozens or even hundreds of Dwarven settlements into one massive kingdom. During the battle Second Sun  most of the tunnels collapsed, and with them the ancient dwarven kingdom. Some settlements were left stranded underground, leaving them completely isolated since the event. Some of the tunnels collapsed into the Underdark, while others are rumored to lead to other, even stranger places.

Purpose / Function

The Deep Roads used to connect most dwarven settlement under the surface of the Amadel mountains, the roads were a marvel of dwarven and gnomish engineering. Mechanical trains imbued with magical energy used to cross the roads from city to city, transporting goods and citizens. Inventions and achievements where shared and transported quickly with traders who moved vast and heavy cargo to settlements connected to or near the Deep Roads.


Entries to the Deep Roads are located all around the foothills of the Amadel mountains. The vast majority of the entries found so far are either collapsed, or impossible to pass due to wildlife or other reasons. Both the kingdoms of Lodir and Tarihr regularly send expeditions to reclaim part of the deep roads and reconnect with their lost brethren.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
620 2E
Alternative Names
The Dwarven Highways
Parent Location
Connected Rooms


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