Icespire Mountain

Icespire is a located in the north western tip of Central Amadels. It gets its name from its peak, a twisted, rocky spiral covered in never melting snow and ice. The western spurs of the mountain are under the control of an orcish clan that took over the fortress near its peek.   In late 1204 CE, a young White Dragon named Cryovain made the fortress into his lair, haunting and prowling the area around it.


The mountain is steep with very narrow spurs that are mostly covered with moss, ice and snow. The foothills, namely on the western side, are more hospitable and somewhat flat enough for permanent dwellings.

Natural Resources

The foothills of the mountain have proven to be rich with iron, gold and platinum; Making the site into a contested territory between the Empire of Ader and Clan Eramorn, with both side seeking to exert control over it's western foothills.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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