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Needle Peaks

The Needle Peaks, sometimes referred to as 'The Lost Mountains' are a series of tall and almost vertical rock formations located in the Central Amadels. Once a navigable and important dwarven trade route, the area collapsed in a series of earthquakes during the Battle of the Second Sun  . The peaks endured while the earth around them crumbled, leaving them looking sharp and jagged, giving the area its name.

Natural Resources

As the surface collapsed, more rare and exotic minerals are now easily accessible, such as platinum. The top layer that was heavy with iron is now scattered across the area's canyons as boulders and pieces of ore.


Before their collapse, the Needle Peaks where a network of fortresses, cities and roads. Most of this infrastructure was built on top of the mountain, as the surface layer was easy to mine and rich with minerals. Castles secured trade routes of ore shipments and cities served as resting station for weary dwarves crossing the mountains. Several entries and exits from the Deep Roads can be found, implying the area was a communal and navigational hub. While most of the infrastructure is now gone, the deep canyons and gorges still offers immense tactical value to those who can secure it for long enough.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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