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Battle of the Second Sun

The suns were setting as we arrived at Beris, both of them, weirdly.
And then? then came the time of the reckoning, gods, what madness.
-Varik, Trader on route to Alma
  The battle of the Second Sun was a fierce engagement with cataclysmic repercussions between the forces of the First Empire of Ader and the Vintian Imperium.

The Conflict


Agustin Andor arrives at the Kingdom of Darseras and quickly advance through the plateau one town after another with little resistance, those who show opposition or signs of heretic behavior are executed almost immediately, many among them are innocent civilians, executed only for showing some magical potential.


As forces of Ader begin to lay siege on the city walls, Arch Mage Coliant and queen Mesmodera take almost a thousand wizards with them into the higher chambers of the Tower of Magi, preparing to destroy the place if it falls to enemy hands.

The Engagement

In the morning of 30 Last judgement 620 2E the armies of Ader breach the city walls, Mesmodera leaves the tower with a retinue of 150 battle mages to face Agustin inside the city, while Coliant continue to prepare the ritual inside the tower.
As the fight spills into the city the Aderian army carve their way towards the tower. Mesmodera and her battle mages blocking streets and burning buildings to form barriers and force the invading army to move in their direction. As they clash, the battle mages unleash their fury on the Aderian forces, killing them in the hundreds. Mesmodera herself fought Agustin and managed to hold her own against the god for almost a full day, finally collapsing from exhaustion, was captured and beheaded in front of a crowd by Agustin.

The sun was setting when Agustin forces arrive at the tower. The battle mages, exhausted and mourning their fallen queen, form a last barricade in front of the tower. While Agustin and his forces cleave through the men holding the line.   During that time, Coliant completed his ritual, but instead of destroying the tower he decided to use it's energy to kill the god, with the tower and the use of some unknown magic he manged to siphon the souls of nearly every living creature in the vicinity of the city, friend and foe alike, turning them into monstrous husks in the process. He then wields that energy into a spear and shoots it at Agustin.
  The beam hit Agustin, cracking his armor and releasing a burst of energy that evaporates the city, and the entire Darsal Planes in an almost an instant. The event was reported been seen from Ammand as "a second setting sun."


The Darsal planes destroyed and the sea swallows what is left of the land.
The tower and it's surrounding streets, bound by unknown forces, are still standing on a small island, but are empty and haunted. There are only a handful of surviving wizards in the tower.
Earthquakes are felt throughout the continent, with heavy damage reported as far as Stathold.
Both Agustin and Coliant, as well as all others who took part in the ritual or sacrificed themselves to save the tower vanished without a trace.


The area around the Darsal Sea has been charred and corrupted by infernal energry and the soil is plagued and rotten. Monstrosities roams the wastes and an infernal magical storm circle above the sea and it's sorrunding lands. The entire area became impossible to navigable due to heavy fog and dangerous magical anomalies.
Long famine is reported in the lands of the Vintian Imperium, much of the arable land is now charred and corrupted or under sea and most existing water sources are diverted or contaminated with a plaguing sickness. In a single century, almost the entire central landmass of the Imperium turns into a savanna.

The dwarven kingdom of Bal Maldar is cut from all her sister kingdoms due to the deep roads collapsing under the Amadel Mountains. The damage the will take almost 400 years to repair and even now some kingdoms are still considered lost.

Historical Significance


The The Conclave of Magi is formed two years after the battle by the surviving wizards of the tower, to ensure magical balance and safety of Edora is kept under control, and out of reach of the church's hands.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Conflict Type
Start Date
28 Last Jugdment 620 2E
Ending Date
30 Last Jugdment 620 2E
Conflict Result
The destruction of the Darsal planes and much of the civilized world around it.
The forming of The Conclave of Magi.



Ader   ~65,000 Footmen
~15,00 Light cavalry
~5,500 heavy cavalry
~500 Siege Weapons
Vintia   ~1,800 Battle Mages
~10,000 Footmen
~2,000 Horsemen
  Darseras   ~5000 Wizards
~1500 Footmen
~500 Horsemen
~6,000 Warforged




Conquest and conversion of the Vintian Imperium and the Kingdom of Darseras.
Last Stand.


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