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City of Darseras

The City of Darseras was the capital of the Kingdom of Darseras. After the collapse of the Darsal Planes the Conclave of Magi took over the remaining ruins and the White Diamond Tower, a world wonder that the city was founded around.




The city and the entire island are protected by a myriad of spells, enchantments, rituals and charms. Most of those protections are in fact relics of the former kingdom. The Tower itself is protected by seemingly indestructible defense mechanisms, as even Agustin Andor himself haven't managed to breach it.


Almost all of the original Darseran infrastructure was destroyed during, and after, the Second Sun. What little that was left was quickly overrun by looters and grave robbers taking advantage of the now abandoned streets. The Tower however, remained sealed until 622, when the Conclave of Magi has taken over the island, removing the rogue occupants and installing the sealed tower as their headquarters. Since then, other parts of the island have been reclaimed by wizards who renovated some of the ruined houses to serve as dwellings close to the tower.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

30th of Latsum (9) 620

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