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Kingdom of Darseras

The Arcane Kingdom of Darseras was a vast kingdom stretching across the Darsal Plateau , most of the Vintian Imperium teritories and the western parts of what is now the Republic of Kishara. The empire began its decline in the early 5th century and was brought to an abrupt and violent end in the Battle of the Second Sun in 620, when most of its landmass collapsed and was covered by the ocean.


Darseras was once an unrivaled cultural melting pot of magical study and research. Under leadership of a strong dynasty of wizard-kings Darseras have became the strongest powers in southern Edora. In it's prime the kingdom was spread from the southern edges of Athos to Lisang and according to some claims, even parts of the Agaman Bay.   In the early 5th century, after s series of weak kings and queens, power struggles and corruption have brought the kingdom into decline as most of it fell into hands of peasant revolts. The Kingdom was sundered into warlords camps who cared nothing for the proud and long heritage and left the many facilities and infrastructures in the kingdom to ruin. Despite losing most of its territory, Darseras' capital's grip on the Darsal Planes was fierce and it remained a jewel of civilization, although a shadow of its former self.   During the Wizards Trail¬†many northern mages and magic researchers settled in the many abandoned settlements and towns in the northern parts of the kingdom, trying to revive what was lost there with little success, as most of the knowledge was forgotten or destroyed by then. Vintia was a prime target for immigration due to it's proximity and easy access to the Darsal Planes. Vintia quickly became a successful city on its own, later uniting the entire northern part of the fading kingdom under the banner of the Queen of Vintia, Mesmodera.   The kingdom of Darseras and the Vintian Imperium were steadfast allies and fought together both against the northern kingdoms and other threats. Finally, in the year 620, during the battle of the Second Sun much of it's central landmass either completely vaporized or sunk into the sea. All that remained from the great kingdom was the White Diamond Tower, the surrounding city ruins around it, and a small piece of land that will be known since as the Isle of Darseras.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

-1300 - 620

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Both Kingdoms shared important trade and research agreements. Darseras was a major supplier of goods the Lantan, after the Battle of the Second Sun the island struggled to maintain its production.


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