Numidius The Wizards Trail

The Wizards Trail

Population Migration / Travel


Persecution of magic users by the Andorian Church leads many wizards, sorcerers and other magic users to flee south towards the Kingdom of Darseras, who has more relaxed rules regarding the magical practices.   Coliant Visendaril, King of Darseras, does not allow the refugees into the kingdom, but allows them to settle in any former part of the kingdom. Vintia, formerly an abandoned Darseran city becomes the destination of many, mainly due to the relative proximity to the Darsal Planes but also because of its relatively intact infrastructure that was left.   A great deal of those who traveled the trail found themselves pray to slavers, who were the one of the few ways to cross the land safely, as bandits would rarely attack them. Being magically talented, most of those fleeing were considered as lucrative slaves, and would often exchange their services in return for safe passage of their loved ones. Those contract would usually last for a lifetime or a few decades at the very least and those being transferred would often find themselves in slavery themselves.   Others were forced to relay on smugglers, pirates and other lowlife, and usually fared far worse then those who sold themselves as slaves. While slaves needed to at least be fit and healthy when arriving at their destinations, refugees would often be robbed of their valuables and killed whenever it was convenient or profitable.

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