Vintia is the capital of the Vintian Imperium and it's largest city. The city is under the direct rule of the Queen of Vintia and is not controlled by any Magistrate. The city is the 3rd largest city and home to the largest magically enabled population on the continent.


The city was originally founded by the Kingdom of Darseras as a small trade outpost outside of the kingdom's walls and it quickly grew as it was the closest place to the City of Darseras available for none citizens to visit. When the Darserans nation started to decline the city was mostly abandoned as trade declined with it.   during the Wizards Trail the city saw a new breath of life, mostly due to Mesmodera who settled in the area to guard and protect the magic users fleeing to the south. In the late 5th and early 6th centuries the city nearly doubled with every passing year until the Battle of the Second Sun.   The city was nearly razed to the ground when Agustin Andor marched through it on his crusade on Darseras. The explosion of the Darsal planes most withheld in most by the magical wall of the kingdom, but the destruction was extensive nonetheless. After the fall of Darseras, the city struggled to build but was able to thanks to the newly formed Conclave of Magi, who still hold considerable political power over the area. With the conclave's help the city began to boom again in population, this time from an influx of refugees coming from eastern kingdoms of Amarris and Kishara who fared far worse as far as rebuilding efforts went.   By the early 10th century Vintia was already a pilgrimage destination for all magic users. The Vintian Imperium's approach to magical practice and research was considered unprecedented at the time, and sometimes even careless.   In 1208 the Queen of Vintia, Alexia Von Grieft declared Magus Ponder Stibbons as her Spellmaster, but was betrayed by her chief archivist who feared the young mage and attempted to lock him in the Verilium vaults under the Grand Library. The mage freed himself with an unknown ritual that decimated the surrounding districts turning them into a 200 meter deep crater.   The rebuilding of the damage around the crater was done slowly as bodies were continued to be unearthed and recovered as far as 15 years after the explosion. The total death toll was never published but it is estimated to be around 12,000. In place of the noble's district a new Harbor District was built.   Over the years the statue became a part of the city's vista, and traditions and habits emerged around it. Mages visit it to show their appreciation to a desperate, misunderstood peer, while others formed entire religion around it. Despite the unprecedented destruction, the statue of the Ponderer is considered to be the main force behind the closure of the The infernal Storm. Magical studies have shown that it interact with the weave in unknown yet extremely effective way. There have been several attempts to move the statue, deactivate it and even one attempt to destroy it, all failed with catastrophic effect on anyone who participated.   In the late 13th century the Infernal Storm has completely died out and the once violent Darsal Sea became a calm sea, allowing for navigation and trade to boom around it. Vintia was no exception and the new harbor is the biggest one operating in the sea. In efforts to explore the newly available shores and to send expeditions westward to the now somewhat tame weather around the Stormy Isles, the Vintian Imperial Navy began to expand and recruit new members, using existing traditions to recruit promising officers.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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