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Queen Mesmodera Telvarsimas

Do not fear that which you do not understand, instead, fear that who wish to remain misunderstood. With trickery, in disguise and from within the shadows they wage their wars. So delicate is their touch, so subtle their effect, that only when it is already too late you know their true meanings.
— Mesmodera
Queen Mesmodera Derovieri was a wood elf wizard and was crowned as the first Queen of Vintia by the Darseran king Coliant Visendaril, who later became her husband as part of an alliance.

Holy Books & Codes

The story of Mesmodera was recorded by several scribes and bards who followed her during her journey from the The Green Crest to the Darsal planes. Most of those stories have evolved into myths and legends over time but a unified core of the stories exists. The followers of Mesmodera named her story Dogma, E, as a testament to the mortal who dared to stand up to the gods and eventually fought them as equal.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Days

in her youth, Mesmodera was a member of the Elven clan Tel'Estar. She was the second of the Clanmother, meaning she was chosen to rule over the clan and it's lands in the future. She was thought High Elven Magic, lore, herbalism and was also schooled on the sacred arts of blade singing.   she barely reached her adolescence when the Elders War erupted. She fought on the front lines, but the sheer numbers of Agustin's army where overwhelming to the few blade singers that still existed and the rest of the clan army was quickly decimated. Within a decade, she watched as most of her ancestral forests where cut down or burnt. Eventually her clan was dispersed and she gound herself homeless.  

Life on the road

At first, she ventured east towards Deepvale Forest but found no refuge with Clan Telvarsir, whom leaders were worried she'll try to usurp leadership over their clan, as she was well loved and a respected warrior and mage. Finally, she was forced to turn back towards Navara.   For a century Mesmodera traveled across Lake Kadia, but couldn't find a place of her own. She was an extremely talented mage and fencer, mostly offering her services as a mercenary or guard. Elves garnered little respect and even less trust in the Empire's borders and she was no different, struggling to make by. Eventually she settled down in a halfling shire with a few other wandering elves, where she served as the village mage and sheriff.  

The Inquisition

During the first Inquisition  her village was raided in search of magic users and she was forced to flee once more. This time she ventured south, towards the Kingdom of Darseras, following rumors of a better future in the south. She was among the first to walk the Wizards' Trail into the abandoned lands of Darseras. It was a bandit land, with abandoned settlements of the once great empire, now reduced to nothing but a city state. She arrived at the City of Darseras and saw countless refugees near the walls. Her statue and reputation allowed her entry and she demanded an audience with king Coliant Visendaril, who denied her three times before finally accepting. The exact nature of their conversion is unknown, some sources claim she caught his eye while other claim he feared she would incite unrest in the already desperate refugees. Mesmodera was promised that the people fleeing from the north will be allowed to settle any of the kingdom former settlements. Mesmodera herself decided to remain close to Darseras in the city of Vintia a small trade stop and astrology research outpost at the time.  

The Imperium

Shortly after she and her followers settled in Vintia the small town became famous as a safe haven in the south and most the traffic of the The Wizards' Trail was diverted to the town which quickly grew into a city. Mesmodera's power attracted more and more followers and her fame became almost fanatic. She was the hope people desperately needed and she was tired of fleeing. she declared her city as a haven for those who practice Magic as long as they do not with to harm others.   Other nearby towns began to request aid against bandits and raiders and she would often assist them in person. She quickly gained their trust and in 541  she was officially crowned as queen of Vintia and married King Coliant of Darseras, uniting the two in a defensive alliance. In less than a decade she brought nearly every city along the wizard's trail under her wings and in 550 she was declared as their sovereign protector under the Vintian Imperium.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While beside a single record found inside the tower after the Battle of the Second Sun, Mesmodera is believed to have single-handedly fend off Agustin Andor for an entire day during his assault on the White Diamond Tower.   She was well traveled and versed in both High Elven and normal Magic. At one point she wielded such immense power that even the Silver Dragon Rymir admitted he feared facing her in single combat.




Towards Coliant Visendaril


Coliant Visendaril


Towards Mesmodera


Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Currently Held Titles
76 BC 620 AC 696 years old
Aligned Organization
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