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White Diamond Tower

The White Diamond Tower is a famous world wonder located on the Isle of Darseras currently serving as the headquarters of the Conclave of Magi. The tower is one of the most ancient buildings on the continent, predating the Kingdom of Darseras and even mentioned in some texts to predate the mythical Netheril. The identity of its original builders is unknown.


The tower is constructed like a long crystal with even sides, appears to be made from a solid piece of perfect white marble. The top of the tower is shaped like a dome made from geometrical shapes, making it reassemble a diamond and giving the tower it's name.


The White Diamond's history is long and mostly unknown. The bits that are known are usually bloodied and violent. The tower is known to serve as the kingdom of Darseras' center of power, and as such was the location of plenty of assassinations attempts and coupes. At some unknown point in history, between the year 100 and 400 the king moved his throne to a new royal palace and the tower was left in the care of the kingdom's mages headed by Coliant Visendaril, who defended the tower alongside Mesmodera in the Battle of the Second Sun. After the battle and the fall of the kingdom, the Conclave of Magi was formed and made the Isle of Darseras, and the tower, into their headquarters.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Tower of Darseras
World wonder
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