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Isle of Darseras

The Isle of Darseras is all that remains from the Darsal Planes after their collapse. The island, and the remains of the city it is named after, serves as headquarters for the Conclave of Magi.


The island is mostly claimed by nature, covering much of the abandoned infrastructure that was left to ruin after the Battle of the Second Sun. The former plateau around the the isle collapsed and was sunk, forming tall, jagged and slippery cliffs that surround the island from all side.


The island used to be a central part of the Darsal Planes, a central part of the Kingdom of Darseras'. It was a densely populated area with a central metropolis surrounded by small towns and villages, all of which were cleansed by the Second Sun or during the Vintian Crusades. Nowadays, the island mostly house wizards of the Conclave of Magi who claimed the ruins as their own, renovating the ruined houses and mansions to suite their needs. Beside the ruined City of Darseras, there is a single port town named Magecliff in the northern part of the isle.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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