Clan Telvarsir

Clan Telvarsir, translated into Elves(Tel) From(Var) (the) Valley(Sir) in Common are a collection of wood elves tribes native to Deepvale Forest that are bound under a pact known as The Gilvarsir by an equal pair, a patriarch and a matriarch. The "capital" of the clan is Nirvar Kir, it is the largest communal ground, surrounding the Tree Spire.


The clan is made up of related tribes, all native to Deepvale. Each of the 80 tribes governs themselves and their territory while being represented by an elected couple in the Sanha'nardils who also serve as court for solving tribal disputes or disagreements.


The elves of Telvarsir are deeply rooted in tradition, and their entire culture is revolves around safeguarding and preservation of the existing forest that they believe has been entrusted to their care by the Selnar'rin themselves.
Inside their forest, they co-operate on magnificent structures of Vitnirv and complicated ancient spells and rituals that may take centuries to cast. Their craftsmanship of armor is unmatched even by the dwarves, although they would never bestow upon an outsider such an impressive boon.

Public Agenda

Most tribes of the Clan are generally not very interested or concerned with the events happening outside of their forest's borders. Even during cataclysmic events, such as the Battle of the Second Sun the clan remained an enigma to outsiders, although relations with human cultures around them worsen noticeably since.


The clan has a long history and even richer lore. The lore masters of the Telvarsir tell that when the Selnar'rin descended into Edora the planted a tree and entrusted a select few to safeguard it at all cost. The guardians became a tribe, and then several. When they where so numerous they stared drifting apart the Selnar'rin invited them to send their most trusted representatives to the Tree Spire, one male and one female, who are bonded.
All representatives singed the agreement known as the Pact of the Vale and became the first Sanha'nardils, forever binding themselves and the tribes to the forest. The sanha'nardils elected a couple from among themsleves, the most wise and learned, to act as guide and as a reminder to their duty to be the gardeners and architects of the natural beauty and awe on this world.


The clan controls the entirety of Deepvale Forest and its tribes are scattered throughout, each maintains and care for their own territory, that could stretch for up to a hundred square miles.

Foreign Relations

Telvarsir rarely tolerate intruders into their lands, even elves of different clans tread carefully while inside their sanctuary. The clan is considered reclusive, even among other elves, and make almost no contact with the outside world unless the matter involve the safety of the forest or the tribes.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Founding Date
Arround -17500 BA
Geopolitical, Clan
Alternative Names
Elves From the Valley, Deepvale Elves
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Gift economy
Legislative Body
The Clanmother direct and guide the Sanha'nardils in writing and enacting new "rules". Those rules are not simply guidelines to be enforces, but involved traditions that encompass all aspect of a wood elf life. Traditions may take years, decades and even centuries to complete and approve upon.
Judicial Body
The Sanhanardils serve as jury of a court of justice to solve tribal disputes and disagreements, with the Clanfather acting more as a mediator between the sides, maintaining neutrality according to set traditions and past rulings. Most disputes inside the tribes themselves are resolved internally, unless the matter concerns the entire clan.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
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