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The Common Languages

The Common Languages, or Common Tongue, is the name given to the languages of Man that can be traced back to Old Darseric roots.

Geographical Distribution

The Common Tongue is spoken by most people living in the southern and central parts of western Edora, and most merchants and dignitaries who travel to and serve in foreign countries are also versed in their respective branches. In the The Free Cities a more hectic form of common was developed called Free Speach(Frispich).


While the term is used as a blanket of almost all commonly spoken languages on western Edora, they are distinct dialects. Although nouns and vowels are more often then not written the same, their pronunciations may differ greatly from group to group. The separation of the north and south by the Great Wall of Vintia have led to even greater differences between the two variants to the point the even the Aderian people living closest to the border would have trouble conversing with someone from Vintian descent and education.   Sub-dialects of the common language consist of Aderic, Vintic, Darseric and the Free Speach of the Free Cities.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Root Languages
Successor Languages


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