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Darseric is the official crown language of the Vintian Imperium. The language is rough and very traditional, used mostly for binding contracts or spoken among the nobility while socializing.

Geographical Distribution

Darseric is spoken exclusively in Darseras and by the Vintian nobility and masters, while the peasantry speaks the more common Vintic.
Outside of the Imperium, all students of the The Conclave of Magi study Darseric to some extent. Some merchants in the Free Cities and official delegations to the Imperium may also pick up the language in effort to gain favor with the Crown.


Darseric is very much a modernized version of the Old Darseric, a very ancient and unchanging language. Despite being described as 'modern', Darseric is a very rigid and traditional language, it's pronunciations and writing have changed little over the centuries.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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