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Vintian is a general name given to denizens of the Imperial Lands. While the term is used within the Vintian Imperium to describe only those living in and around Vintia, outside of its borders it became a catchall phrase to describe all of its denizens.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Abbondanza, Acilia, Adele, Amand, Annabella, Argelia, Floriana, Leontin, Mariann, Rosamunda, Serafin, Sidonia, Valentin, Zabina, Zoe

Masculine names

Agamennone, Azelio, Concordio, Costanzo, Geminiano, Giustiniano, Lancilotto, Marciano, Pasquale, Quinzio, Solocone, Teodosio, Tesifonte, Valentino

Family names

Aurigemma, Badalamenti, Bellisario, Beltrami, Buonaiuto, Carlucci, Castronovo, Ceccarelli, Ciccarelli, Cicero, Crimi, D'Addio, Dagoberto, Dell'Olio, D'Errico, Geronimo, Giangiulio, Giannelli, Marchetti, Matrone, Montuori, Paulis, Pazienza, Pinto, Rosa, Sanfilippo, Santore, Tricarico, Vecchio
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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