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Justicia Di Imperiali

The Justicia Di Imperiali is the highest justice court of the Vintian Imperium. The court is made up of 5 judges, called intenditores. The court assembles only to solve matters that revolve around Vintian heritage and other cases that might have sever effects across the empire. The court might also assemble to judge in cases that are not suitable to be handles by a court of magistrates. Judgments passed in the high court may only be lifted by an Imperial Decree or a counter ruling with a majority of 4 out of the 5 serving intenditores.   The Justicia Di Imperiali is one of the three pillars of the Imperial justice system, along with the Imperial Decrees and the Congresses.


The five judges of the court are selected by all three levels of the nobility of the imperium. 1 is appointed directly by the current queen, 2 are appointed by the Famiglie Imperiali and another 2 are elected by the rest of the nobility by popular vote.   The intenditore than elect one from among themselves to serve as the head of the establishment and manage the day to day affairs of its court. While the vote is anonymous, and equal in weight, it is customary to vote for the queen's intenditore.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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