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Queen of Vintia

The Queen of Vintia is the absolute monarch that rule over the Vintian Imperium. The title is not hereditary, and passes from one queen to the next by election of the noble houses of the Imperium.


Officially, the queen of Vintia must be female, come from a noble house of the Famiglie Imperiali and to be at least the age of 25 when their preparation comes to an end.   For a contender to even be presented, however, she must be on good terms with most members of the Vintian court and show previous skills in politics and diplomacy. By necessity, this also means she has to be exceptionally skilled in The Grand Game and well versed in its nuances.


Ten years before the end of the current reign the Imperial Electoral Council would gather in Vintia, together with the current queen and a representative of the Conclave of Magi they will form a committee to elect a new queen.   Any eligible house may present one member of their family to the committee, where she will give a speech and be questioned regarding her intentions, motives, skills and more over the course of a year. Although it is customary for the house leader to present their candidate, it is not mandatory, as the only law is that the first candidate to be presented shall be the only one.     After five years the committee will elect in a secret vote the most fitting candidate. Once a candidate is chosen she is taken from her home to the The Marble Palace where she starts her preparations. Over the next 5 years she will be educated on magic, politics, diplomacy, court etiquette and martial tactics and strategies before she may escort the queen in her court. Not all future queens require 5 years to complete their training, and the current queen is permitted to pass her crown to the next at any time she sees fit. In fact, while the queen must transfer the throne within 5 years, it usually happens much faster, especially when the elected candidate is from the queen's own house or its allies.     In the event a queen dies and no heiress was appointed, the Right Hand of the Queen will serve as her replacement for 10 years while the Imperial Electoral Council gathers. In this case, the queen must undergo the full 5 years of preparations before she is being allowed to be crowned.


The queen oversees the day to day operation of the entire realm, with the city of Vintia under her direct control. She is sworn to ensure the well being, safety and protection of all denizens of the Imperium and act to enforce the crown laws and imperial decrees on all her vassals. In addition, the queen commands the Vintian Imperial Legions, Navies and the Deadguard. She acts as a supreme judge, appoints new nobles and knights and signs the licenses and charters for new guilds and organizations.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Form of Address
Her Majesty, Her highness
Alternative Naming
The Lady of Vintia
Equates to
Emperor or Empress
Source of Authority
Given absolute power bythe Imperial Electoral Council of the Famiglie Imperiali to oversee the realm and command its armies.
Length of Term
45 years, once per lifetime. (Was 50 until the )
First Holder
Current Holders
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