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Alexia Von Grieft

Queen Melen Alexia Van Grieft

Alexia Von Grieft, also known as Alexia the Fair, was the 17th Queen of Vintia who rule over of the Vintian Imperium.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Childhood

Alexia was born in late Erlspri of 1167 as Melen, the second daughter to Martinio and Amiera of house Von Grieft. She spent most of her early childhood with her mother in the court of the Majestri of Mintra while her father was managing the Mintra and her older brother, Sergio, receiving financial education at Mirag. She was a playful, yet well behaved child with a shrewd mind who showed great political promise even at young age.

Moving to Vintia

In 1179, at age 12, her father was appointed as Master of Coin for the former queen and Alexia moved to Vintia with him while her mother was left to manage their lands as regent. She was captivated by the city's grandeur and magic from the moment she arrived, she would run off and walk the streets by herself, much to her father dismay who fired replaced several care ladies during that time. Her travels in the city often took her to the slums and even as far as the outskirts, where the downtrodden and low life would dwell. She would sneak out of the imperial quarters so much that her father had to enlist mercenaries to follow her around town and bring her home should she stray too much.
Despite her mischievous run offs and the constant frustration of her caretakers and teachers, she never missed an opportunity to witness the imperial court gatherings. Many have described her as entertaining and unbelievably cunning for her age. She was quick with her whits, putting even adults to shame when they dared ridicule her. Melen was eager to experience the imperial court but her father, a long-time player himself, was fearful for his daughter's life and much preferred she would join the family business instead. He forebode her to participate and would find almost any reason to bar her from arriving to court. This, of course, did not stop her and she would continue to sneak in during balls and parties.
In a desperate attempt to make her stay away from the imperial court, she was sent back to her mother, who ordered a local slave girl named Bethany to tag along wherever she went and stop her from fooling around. Her reasoning was that someone her age, but bound to obey by contract would be able to reign her down. She was wrong, and the two also became such good friends they were inseparable. Bethany was unable to talk Melen out of her plans and Melen would often find a way to persuade Bethany that what she's doing is fine.

After nearly inciting a maids rebalion at the family mansion she was quickly, and hastily sent back to Vintia, where she continued to play in the courts, eavesdropping, watching, exchanging conversions or witty remarks. She had the first attempt on her life when she was only 15, the failed assassination was traced back to one of the Famiglie Imperiali and the case was brought before the queen. Despite her young age Melen insisted that she circles the courts by her own will and that she is well aware of the risks, leaving the queen no choice but to rule the act withing the established rules.

Life in Caeris

Melen proven to be an exceptional courtier and In 1184, at the age of 17 and after a second attempt on her life, her father decided to send her abroad to Caeris to study finance and stewardship at ACU. At first she refused to go, and only agreed once her father agreed to send her salve with her, as she 'would not be completely alone in the world and without a true friend foreign land'. She also insisted that Bethany would accompany her to every class, effectively enrolling her to an academic degree.

While living in Caeris she managed to convince the dean to allow her to study Political Science instead of finance and stewardship. This arrangement was kept in secret from her father, even her maids did not know she, and Bethany, were attending a different class. She proceed to excel in her studies and was also a very vocal member of the academy's student union.
During her second year, a group of mercenaries attempted to kidnap her, but took Bethany in her place by mistake. The purpose of the kidnapping was to extort her father, who had a feud with some Sesaniese silver traders. She demanded he would ransom Bethany, but he refused. Reluctant, she returned to her studies, but became a vocal advocate for slaves' safety and fair treatment. This angered many in her family, who uses low cost slaves and criminals as labor in their silver mines.
On the night of 17th of Latwin 1188, her father, Martinio Von Grieft was murdered after passing a reform in tax collection. Under orders of her mother, Melen was promptly returned to her family home in Mintra, She refused to leave Bethany in Southern Amarris but did not had the means or influence to secure her freedom.

Return to Vintia

One year after returning home, Melen leaves again for Vintia, formally this time, under the request of her brother, now the Magistrate of Mintra, who had to ensure the mines continue to walk smoothly and thus could not leave their estate. Melen agreed, on the condition that he will ransom Bethany who she believed was still held captive. Sergio agreed, Bethany was tracked down and was finally ransomed and sent to Melen. Meanwhile in Vintia, Melen proved to be an excellent diplomat and an invaluable guest in every social gathering. She became a prominent player in the political scene, advocating for various political agendas, the treatment of slaves among them. She was the target of multiple assassination attempts but those only strengthen her resolve.


In 1195 she presented herself to the Imperial Electoral Council, an unprecedented actions at the time, as the custom was, and still is, that the only the head of the house presents the candidate. While she did so without her brother knowledge or consent, she performed her presentation flawlessly and did not violate any actual rule, thus the council couldn't find a reason not to approve her request. She was elected as the new Queen of Vintia by a landslide and moved to the Marble Palace to be tutored under the then ruling queen, Mercellia Von Fritz. She ascended to the throne on the 1st of Erlwin 1197.

Life As Queen

After her coronation she passed an imperial decree demanding slavemasters to be accountable for ransoming of slaves owned by their houses. The decree also force the slave guilds to ensure their slaves security if they wish to operate in the Imperium territories. The decree was met with mixed responses and is considered to be controversial, leading some houses to rise in rebellion under House Von Calsiro.   The rebellion escalated quickly and, much to Alexia's dismay, the bulk of the soldiers opposing the army were slaves themselves. Those that surrendered were given compensation, but the opposing houses were quick to raise the terms in their contracts, mainly in the form of pay to next-of-kin, should they stay and fight. Clan Eramorn viewed the rebellions as a chance to strike at the Imperium, seizing their silver mines located at the foothills of the Central Amadels. The war brought the rebellions to a quick stop, as some of the rebels found themselves under siege by the dragonborn descending from the mountains. Even with the entire strength of the Imperium she sacrificed a sizeable territory to protect the mines. This have led to accusations of favoritism, claiming she sacrifices lesser houses to protect her family's interests.   Despite the vocal opposition and lost territories, the act of preserving the mines at all costs ensured the cooperation of Dam Tarihr, who trade their gold for Imperial silver and have been quarreling with clan Eramorn since their arrival. Under her command, both the Imperium and the dwarves attacked the dragonborn from two fronts, eventually recovering the lost territories and pushing them back to their original borders.

The Ponderer's Escape

On the Days of Non-Magic on 1205 Alexia had to deal with another challenge. With a traitor in her court and her life in danger she is nor sure who she's able to trust. She approach Venadora for advice and the gold dragon suggests to smuggle her outside of Vintia to a secured location.   On the eve of The 4th of Erlwin  she lives the city together with her Right Hand and the two are joined by Magus Ponder Stibbons who was unknowingly sent by Venadora to protect the queen. On their way to the safe house the convoy was attacked by assassins of the Vexian Crows who were stopped by the wizard who blew up a section of the woods. This led to the queen, her right hand and the magus to instantly share their entire lifetime memories with each other. Amazed by his powers and charmed by his demeanor Alexia would invite him to join her at her court, replacing the current Spellmaster who was revealed to be the traitor.   One day later, Stibbons went to the Grand Library of Vintia were he was tricked by Cheif-Archivist Toverti Jesiniari and was locked inside an anti-magic vault. Toverti was sure that the Aderian wizard was sent as a spy, especially given he showed unprecedented interest in the archives, the anti-magical vaults and their contents. When he arrived at the palace to inform the queen she was furious, and sent her Left Hand, Martin Dilnari, to ensure Ponder's release.   Toverti and Mathew fail to reach him in time and Stibbons manages to free himself, blowing up  a large portion of the city in the process, killing most of the nobles that reside in the city for the Days of Non-Magic. The event shook Alexia, who mostly blamed herself for bringing him into the city, and for not ensuring he was safely escorted to begin with.

Rebuilding and The Fellowship

With the city in ruins she and Bethany began to plan how to rebuild. With most of their opposing nobility dead or missing, they were mostly free to act on their own accord. They brought in new nobles into the Famiglie Imperiali, while also shrinking the number of families from 30 to 20. The new nobility was more easy to keep in check and where less inclined to oppose her, at least not openly.   As the building was progressing, a member of the Conclave of Magi, and personal friend of Stibbons arrived at Vintia. She requested an audience with Alexia and asked the queen to allow her to sign a charter to allow the studies of the statue, as she believed the processes can be reversed. Alexia agreed, on the condition that all the her findings would be shared with the Imperium and that the organization would help the people of the city to recuperate from the destruction. Maira named the organization the Fellowship of the Ponderer and began working. The move angered many in the city, who were still burring their loved ones.   A few years later she was once again put in a difficult position when Loddvir Bessel came to her with the request for Imperial Citizenship for himself, his wife and his infant son. Loddvir was the first Aderian after Stibbons to visit Vintia, and merely arranging for his arrival in the first place was considered controversial. Despite the initial worries and fear, Loddvir proved to be more than helpful in Vintia and eventually Alexia approved his request.

The Great Panic

in 1229  the condition of mages in the Andorian Alliance, specifically in the Empire of Ader become drastically more complicated and harsh. Peoeple begin to gather in Torres and request passage into the Imperium as refugees. Alexia wished to allow them to enter, but with no way of ensuring non of the refugees is a terrorist or a spy, both the Maestri Fidati and the Famiglie Imperiali pressured her against it and she was forced to keep the gates shut. Alexia would commented on the matter, saying, "And now we are like those from whom we flee, forgetful of our heritage and of our duties. Only hate festers in our hearts. Enjoy your cakes, races, balls and festivals now, for one day the reckoning shall come, and it will not come for us. It will come for our children and grandchildren, who after all these centuries we've thought them nothing but hate and fear."

Later Life and Death

In 1246  Alexia passed her crown to Norila Von Tifeiri. In her departure speech she said: "... and even though we are fearful of the north and weary of their traditions, we have become no better. We have turned our back on our own kind. We have shut our doors to those Mesmodera would accept and we caused unimaginable suffering to countless of souls now lost to fear and hate. I leave this throne with sadness, and while I know my successor to be a good, compassionate woman, I am afraid I do not leave her with the cure for ignorance. This Imperium of our shines bright as a beacon of hope for other outside our borders. Here even a slave can become a lord and a lord can become a slave and magic rules over men. I have shut this light once before under the behest of others and now if glows weaker and more faint than ever. This decision shall haunt me for the rest of my waking, wherever I go I shall see the faces of those left to the mercy of predators and bigots. I call upon you to not leave your legacy as hollow as mine. To not let the light dim once more, for if it does, I fear it will not light again, and only darkness will remain inside our hearts and above our lands.
After Norila's coronation Alexia stepped down from politics and never returned to court again. She would spend the rest of her life as a member of the Fellowship of the Ponderer. She passed away 100 years after leaving the throne, at the age of 159.


Alexia has completed an academic degree in Political Science and later also received an honorary Master's diploma in Geopolitics, both are from ACU. During her Political Science studies Alexia was awarded the Sandirra's Crane of the Ambassador College.


Family Ties

Alexia was a prominent member of House Von Grieft. As every Queen of Vintia before her, she did not marry or had any children, despite having countless of pursuers and offers.


Bethany Fores

Right Hand (Vital)

Towards Alexia Von Grieft



Alexia Von Grieft

Queen (Vital)

Towards Bethany Fores



Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Diplomat of the Sandirra Colgea
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Date of Birth
23rd of Erlspri 1167
1167 AC 1326 AC 159 years old
Circumstances of Death
Was found dead in her bed, the cause of death remains unknown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5'6" (172 cm)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Alexia could speak, read, and write in Vintic, Darseric, Old Darseric, Kershiri and Amarisi.

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