Numidius The Great Panic

The Great Panic

Population Migration / Travel


As the lifein the Andorian Alliance become even harsher for wizards and other magic users, many begin to flee south, fearing an additional. more permanent escalation by the Andorian Church and the The Inquisition.   In Osternfel, the refugees have no choice to flee through the The Shifting Desert and many fall prey to slavers and raiders. Those that manage to cross arrive with only the cloths on their back to the Free Cities, where they are being taken advantage of by criminal organization and syndicates.   The Vintian Imperium refuses to open its gates along the Great Wall, still recuperating from The Ponderer's Escape¬† they are even more fearful of northerners, and a large number of casters are strandded in Torres   The Aderian refugees are forced to flee either through the Amadel Mountains or through Athos with both routes being equally dangerous. Some ports in Duchy of Krath smuggle wizards abroad to the Stormy Isles but the Inquisition quickly shuts them down, arresting anyone involved, mage or not.

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