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Magic, is the manifestation of manipulations done to The Weave. It is a fundamental force that engulfs the entirety of the Material Realm, Shadowfell, Feywilds and the Astral Plane.  

Uses & Limits

The Weave acts both as a catalyst and as a limiter on spell casting. While inside the weave, a magic user is able to share the forces needed to create the wanted effect without severe taxing on their physical form. Some natural requirements have to be met for a person to be able to interact with the Weave, The requirements for attunement are not fully understood, yer those that meet them are able to be trained and improve that connection. Tutoring is offered by some organizations for such individuals.
Magic users who wish to manifest powerful effects using the Weave have to fill certain criteria in order to do so, such as have sufficient understanding and mental acuity to turn their will into reality. Even those talented at wielding of the weave are only able to do so a limited amount of times without rest, as the process is extremely taxing on the mind.
The Weave does not allow limitless power and there is an upper limit to the potential of manifested effects. There are theories regarding the use of higher forms of magic in ancient time, but those are baseless and unproven. Wizards of the Conclave of Magi who traveled the upper levels of the Astral Plane found a gap in the form of an empty abyss that is impossible navigate or cross, the end of Latfal and the start of Erlwin. The gap is presumed to be the main cause for the Days of Non-Magic.

The Scale

Every action on the weave is measured on a scale of 0 to 9, the higher the effect's potential, the higher the rank. Some actions, named Cantrips, are innate abilities and require only little to no practice to manifest.
Higher ranked spells require more power and a deeper understanding the Weave in order to succeed. Effects ranked at 1st level will usually only require limited effort and some components, while a 9th level will require preparation and a powerful mind to work. Someone trying to manifest an effect more powerful then their capabilities without proper training and the right mental capacity might have devastating results for them and their environment.


The weave's origin are unconfirmed but the it creation and maintenance are usually attributed to Talador. The weave is literally will manifested into reality and allows almost every being inside it to manipulate it to some extant, depending on their capabilities. Most magic users fall under one of two categories:

Low Magic

Low magic is considerate as the innate ability to use magic, usually manifesting are the early in life. Cantrips and most 1st level spells fall under this category as well as some 1st level spells.

High Magic

Any manifestation of the Weave that require anything more then innate abilities is considered High Magic. High Magic is a driving force in the shaping of society around the Material Realm. Some cultures revolve around the use of high magic while others condemn them. High Magic is taxing on both the physic and mind and abusing it may lead to Magic Poisoning.


The Weave is accessible on any location it encompasses, but is naturally weaker or stronger, depending on a myriad of variables, few of whom are even known. The prime  theory on the subject suggests that Tir and Baro are both revolving partly inside the weave itself, and their distance from the Empty is what dictates the strength of the Weave.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Metaphysical, Arcane
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