Magic Poisoning

Magic poisoning is a rare case where a biological creature rejects the Primal Force of Magic. The effects can be negligable or deadly, depending on the individual and the nature of the disease manifestation. The condition is different from the much less fatal Potion Allergy, which only affects the digestive system.

Transmission & Vectors

As far as the medical, magical and sciencfic communities are aware, magic poisoning is not contagious, and some races are inherently more affected than others. Magic poisoning is common with alchemists, artificers, wizards, soldiers, and miners.


The exact causes of the magic poisoning is different between each individual case, but is always the result of a mutation inside the brain. This mutation can occur as early as childbirth, or as late as the final days of an individual. Another common case of magic poisoning is from over consumption of healing agents, such as health potions or due to severe physical trauma healed by magical means.


Magic poisoning shows very little symptoms and develops quickly. Early symptoms of magic poisoning are often sudden loss of colored vision, muffling of the ears or lack of taste. Other early symptoms can be small shadows at the peripheral vision or hearing of random rogue sounds.   As the mutation progresses, the individual's iris often loses their color until becoming dull gray in a matter of days. The skin follows this behavior, becoming flaky and rough to the touch.   In later stages, individuals develop severe headaches or even short streaks of madness when near magical phenomena or manifestations. In extreme cases, a creature with magic poisoning that exposes to magic might experience fatal trauma due to severe brain hemorrhaging.


There is no known cure or successful treatment for magic poisoning outside of prevention care once afflicted. The vast range of individuals and professions affected suggests that everyone in the general population is at some risk of magic poisoning, but that risk is negligible to the point of near non-existent to the vast majority.


Those afflicted by magic poisoning can expect a permanent, and severe degradation to their life quality and life expectancy. Prologue exposure to magical forces and effects can and often will further advance the symptoms and resulting in increased risk of a fatal stroke.

Affected Groups

Elves are the most susceptible races to suffer from magic poisoning, if that is due to their physiological connection with the weave or another reason is unknown. Dwarves are the least affected group and some gnome races also believed to be less affected by magic poisoning.

Cultural Reception

Depending on the culture, effects of magical poisoning are treated either as any other diseases, or as extremely as horrible taboos. In most magically adept societies special care facilities exists to care for afflicted individuals, often located in remote hidden locations to maintain the safety of their patients.   Magic poisoning is less common in the Andorian parts of Edora, and treatment is near non-existing. Individuals who seek treatment will often find themselves questioned by The Inquisition under threat of apostacy or even maleficarum, leading most to flee or seek no treatment at all.   In High Elven and Elven cultures, it is considered inhumane and evil to allow such individuals from staying alive.While this is mostly due to the fact that elves depend on magic to sustain their sensory organs. This causes elves to often become catatonic, still alive but locked inside their own minds, unable to speak, see, smell, hear and sometimes even move. Elves who experience magic poisoning will often seek an immediate end by their community or a trusted friend.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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