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According to the Andorian Church, an 'Apostate' is a person that does not follow the teaching of the Dogma of The Four or those who actively act gainst it by practicing Necromancy or other form of heresy.  


Even after bering branded, apostates are only being actively chased by the forces of the Inquisition after the following criteria are filled:
  • Conclusive evidence of heretical behavior was presented.
  • The accused poses danger to the followers of the church or their core beliefs.
  • The accused is not of a noble house.

Magic users

In the case of magic users, apostates are automatically considered Maleficarum, making them effectively outlaws in any Andorian land.  


The church considers the rights of nobles to rule as the divine gift of Rhaan and Eyre, as written in Dogma, A, String A:B, Verse B:B: "Thou shall be fair and just for to rule is to Divine." When the church suspects a noble is guilty of heresy they must request the approval of the noble's superior (A king for a duke) for permission to apprehend said noble.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

Contract issued on Megan Lightnose, a known Apostate.
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