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Eyre, in some cultures called Ier is a patron of war an conquer. In the Andorian Church Eyre is considered as the guardian of the material realm from threats while in the Fifth Dogma he is named the wolf and is considered as the harbinger of destruction and mayhem.

Divine Domains


Eyre is the calling of all who are willing to stand and fight for their goals and ambitions. Eyre weave the paths of both heroes and villeins, either to meet on vast battlefields or in dark and musky crypts. For the advanturer, Eyre is destiny that awaits on the road and for the barbarian, nothing is more honorable than the wolf's howl to join the fray.  


Only by believing that something can be owned, it can be achieved. While pride can become one's undoing it can also be wielded as a weapon of great effect. Lord and nobles rule under Eyre with a divine decree, and hold this right above all to know that not all are equal.  


Pride without proof is just arrogance. Eyre sends the spies, the assassins and the malifacer to punish those who dare to speak without action.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A grey wolf head, with a swirling mane of a lion.


The Cold March
Various traditions attributed to this phenomena are held during Midwin, specifically as the Empty completes its pass across the night sky of Edora.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Divine Classification

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