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Fifth Dogma

The Dogma Additum, more commonly known as The Fifth Dogma, is a variation of the Andorian Church and is practiced mainly in the Vintian Imperium and Darseras. The main difference between the sect and it's parent religion is the worship of the missing goddess, also known as the Raven Queen, who rules the domain of death.

Mythology & Lore

The Fifth Dogma worship is centered around the core belief that Talador, who is considered as the one who gave mortals their ability to question and learn, is the true head deity of the pantheon. Taldor is also considered to be protector of all mortal races from the quarrels influence of the gods.

The Raven Queen is actively worshiped as the goddess of death and passage to the afterlife, this is in complete contrast to the Andorian Church, who considers the deity as a major taboo.
The Fifth Dogma also actively defy Agustin Andor as a messiah or as a deity at all, claiming he was a powerful warlord who deceived his flock in his madness for power.

Divine Origins

The Dogma was written sometime between 350 1E - 400 1E, as wizards began to flee the Andorian Church inquisition.


The church has no temples and no religious head. Most prayer and worship is done at private, a person chosen deity is a very personal subject, and rarely talked about with someone who isn't a family member or a trusted friend.
Some ceremonies, such as weddings, seasonal holidays, births and deaths are preformed as a community, in most towns and villages the ceremonies usually held by a wandering priest or the Townmaster.

The only exception is the Viam Mortis, which is celebrated every 7 years where most priests will venture to Vintia to participate.


Priests of the Fifth Dogma usually work as independent agents of their chosen deity and travel from place to place to spread their word. Sometimes few priests of the same deity will group into a small coven to form rituals and ceremonies. After their duties are complete, they usually continue on their travels on their own.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Founding Date
500 2E
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