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Nymm is a figurehead of creation in various cultures and religions as the deity of creation and life. She is described as the Mother according to the Andorian Church, and believed to be a counterpart of Rhaan in the Creation of Edora.

Divine Domains


All life is considered sacred as they are the creation of Nymm, and the blossom of life, love and friendship may be considered as an honor to Nymm. Priests and clerics of Nymm will assist the sick, ill and malformed and will go to great lengths to cure them. Nymm views all forms of undeath as abominations, granting powers to knights, clerics and paladins whom sworn in the deity's name to bane them for existence.  


Nymm teaches to protect the weak, as even the strong can not survive without them. Rulers are expected by Nymm to keep their tykes safe and healthy, knights must never refuse to aid those who are helpless or desperate.  


Nymm's followers are encouraged to find a goal and a purpose for their life. They will seek to expert and excel in their arts and crafts, ever striving to achieve perfection. Some bards consider Nymm as the muse and patron of their arts, bringing inspiration and pushing them towards adventure and grand tales.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A song bird with a a long tail, resembling a blooming branch, arching above.


Harvest Festival
Celebrated by various cultures and religions throughout the middle of Midspri (Mother's Gift).
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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