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Talador, or the Sage, is the patron of magic and dreams. The Fifth Dogma worships Talador as the figurehead of their church, together with the Raven Queen. In the Andorian Church Talador plays a lesser role, but is still considered one of The Four.

Divine Domains


Knowledge, intelligence, learning and teaching is considered a paramount domain of Talador. Wizards, sorcerers, teachers and anyone who seek knowledge and understanding may seek the god's aid.  


Wits and intrigue are the tools of both bards and rogues who follow the teachings of Talador, who encourage mortals to be masters of their on luck.  


The pursuit of greatness is a driving force of change, even small acts may be considered as achievements. Those who follow the sage seek to be the best and most prolific in their field, master their arts or stay the last standing from among their enemies.


Days of High-Magic
Celebrated during the middle tenday of midfal as magical effects appear to be stronger.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


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