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Baro and Idon

Let me tell you the tale of the brothers of shadow,
In the distant past, in a time where no light reached this place, two titans dared venture into the night sky, looking to steal the light of the stars and bring it to their people.
They climbed up and up searching for the heaven among the stars. Finally, they reached the gates of heaven in the cover of darkness and managed to snack inside but the gods found them soon and caste them down to the earth.
Baro, the greater and older one fell first, Idun saw his brother was about to hit the land below and tried to grab him so he won't hurt the others beings as he falls. Nymm saw his courage and blessed him with the strength to hold his brother in the air.
And since then, my dear child, the moons are revolving around us in the night sky. Now enough with the hogwash, go to bed, we have a long day of travel tomorow.
— Meredith of Dorbridge, Walking the Wizards' Trail¬†
  Baro and Idon are the two moons seen in Edora's night sky.  


Baro is the closer of the two moons, it appears larger in Edora's sky and it shines in a dull maroon-purple color that contributes to a dimmer glow. It has a moderate 90 day cycle during which it waxes and wanes. Lycanthropy and other moon related conditions are relatively unaffected by this moon in comparison to Idun, as its orbit is much further away than its counterpart. This effect is also commonly attributed to the moon's faint glow, although no theories on the subject have been confirmed.    


Iduns appears smaller in Edora's sky due to its further distance. It has a fast orbit, taking only one month (30 days) for a revolution and shines in a bright, greenish-teal glow. Myths and rumors about Idun are a fairly common occurance. Some believe it to be either a relic from before Creation, from a time when the elements themselves were in flux. Others believe it may have not originally existed, but was a creation of the The Marquesses in the Shadows. Various cultures across Edora believe the moon to an entity of ill-omen, as it affects moon based conditions to a far greater extent then its counterpart.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


Baro by Ziv Mor


Idun by Ziv Mor

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