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Marquesses in the Shadows

According to the Andorian Church teachings, The Marquesses in the Shadows is the name of a group of four powerful mortals who ruled over the humanoids of Lake Kadia prior to the Great Conquest of Ader by Agustin Andor. According to the church, the Maquesses were tyrants and heretics they were banished by Agustin to the Otherwhere forever.

Historical Basis

The verity of the story is a highly debated topic amongst scholars and under harsh censorship by The Inquisition; however, in recent years an increasing number of reliable evidence was gathered, affirming that indeed there were two prominent Vintic players that were banished by Agustin.


While the the myth itself is widespread, most reliable sources are not easily accessible. Those that exist within the Empire of Ader are either locked away or burned by the inquisition; In the Vintian Imperium there was little interest in the matter, and only in recent years did true research began.

Variations & Mutation

Over the years, a modified version of the tale propagated through a covert operation of the inquisition; according to it, the marquesses each signified an affront to an aspect of The Four and Agustin killed them off.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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