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Lake Kadia

Lake Kadia is the biggest body of fresh water on the surface of Edora. The lake itself was named after the Kadian people who conquered the area in ancient times. It was and still remains one of the most contested territories on the continent, rivaled only by the nearby Central Amadels in number of recorded armed conflicts.   The lake is currently surrounded by several political entities, the 3 kingdoms of Ader, Navara, Saltis and the Archduchy of Taldir.


Most of the lake's surroundings consists of hills and planes, with several short, and relatively flat mountain ranges. Almost the entire area used to be a lush forest, but it was cut down by human settlers, giving way to the Green Crest. The only remains of the once massive forest are the much smaller Deepvale Forest, Aderian Forest and the Navaran Woods.


Large parts of the lake's flora and fauna are endemic, mostly due to the area being relatively isolated and sheltered by the Amadel Mountains and the Kaviri Highlands. The construction of the Great Wall of Vintia also contributed to the area's isolation, causing several species to become extincts, as many migration paths were blocked.

Ecosystem Cycles

Lake Kadia goes through 4 seasons that are almost identical in length. During the winters the northern areas are covered with snow while the center and south receive large quantities of rain. Snow melting during the 4 months long spring often bring the many rivers and channels to the points of near flooding. Summers are often drier, but still prone to rain. Most of the area's flora consist of non-shedding vegetation, that remains green even during fall, where temperature can drop to near freezing in some places.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna and flora around Lake Kadia are mostly endemic, with many variants resembling those found in the Imperial Lands, but either mutated or having a key change. One famous example is the Disa Cardinalis, an extremely rare variant of the plant that is identical in appearance to its southern and more common variant, but contains an extremely powerful and potent antitoxin in its petals.

Natural Resources

While the lake's area is prime for agriculture, supporting many farmlands and plantations, it is not rich in minerals. Most of the metals are mined in the Golden Hills or the Red Hills.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572


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