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Akados is the largest city in the Shifting Desert. The city state It is ruled by the copper dragon Raxis and is considered as the central trade hub of the desert.


While officially Raxis and the Dragonguard oversee the city, the dragons are rarely intrestead in the minute day to day operation of such a place. The task falls mostly on the denizens of the city, who elect a council of elders to see the smooth running of the city.


While Raxis himself is a most formidable line of defence, the city does not rely on him for peacekeeping or even when facing external threats such as raids. Instead, the city operates a mariad of organizations, guilds and groups and most crimes are solves in the neighborhood they happend at, with the city elders serving a court of justice should the need arrise.


Akidos slowly formed around the lair of the young copper dragon Raxis, who would often invite traders and craftsmen to stop by and exchange their wares. As the dragon grew in age, more and more people arrived and some have chose to stay. The area quickly became known as a safe haven in the unforgiving shifting desert, attracting many of the Sala'kir who traversed its dunes.   Raxis, a lover of art and culture would oftem go to great lenghts to secure various forms of entertainment for himself and the denizens of the city, whom he considers as his guests. As time passes, several bard schools, cabarets and theaters opened and the city became widely known as a vibrant gem of culture and beauty in the vast empty of the desert. The city's name, Akidos, means "beautiful oasis" in ancient Avaree.


The central and relatively permenant location of Akidos in the Shifting Desert has turned it into the prime commerical and tavel hub of the desert. Most visitors come looking for trade or merely passing by on their way to other destinations.   The maze like architecture of the city have created a booming guiding trade, with countless of guides offering their knowlege for coin. Those services may vary from quickly navigating the complicated streets to days long tours of the city attractions, cultural places and beautiful Vistas.   Akidos is also known for its haflas, with many taverns and bars specialized to care for the sala'kiri tradition with many visiting the city only to celebrate or party for a few days and nothing else.


The magic of the dragon keeps the ground solid enough to hold impressively large stractures, but it is still far from even. Akidos' architecture reflects the uneven layout of the city, with buildings that sprawl sideways as well as upward. This complexity is increased farther, with some building serving only as stairs and tunnels that dig into the sandy ground and emerge back on the other side of the dune.   The city is famous for the copper domes that dominate its skyline. These domes, while beautiful, serve a functional purpose in tunneling air in and out of the buildings through a special series of tubes as the city travels across the desert, keeping it cool in the intense desert heat but also pushing dust out of the building.


Akidos is built on top of three massive dunes that where bound by Raxis' magic to move in perfect synchronization. The central dune, and biggest, is where the dragon's lair, along with other important buildings are located. Two gigantic floating bridges keep the rims of the central dunes connected with the two smaller dunes that orbit around it.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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