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Ga'r'dehere (Avaree for "Sail city of Dehere", Dehere being the name of the three dunes of Akidos) is the city of Shorsh à Alga'r'dsisawi.
  As Akidos is to traders, so is Ga'r'dehre to travelers. It originally started as a satellite settlement to Akidos, a decision that eventually cemented the shorsh's influence and status within the Sala'kir. It is usually made of three circles - entertainment (circus, lewdness, zoos etc.), The Grand Bazaar, and lodging.
  Most goods and services vary greatly depending on their scarcity, with the city consistently supplying demands that cannot be fulfilled anywhere else within the desert. Strangely enough, however, very few haflas are held within the city itself, and most of its denizens prefer celebrating in Akidos.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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