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Avaree is the name given both to a proto language spoken by the Avar and to the various languages that evolved from it; usually it refers to the language family as a whole. Though the Avaree language isn't used on its own, all emergent languages are closely related enough such that the general notion of things said is easily understandable.  
Agam'ani Dialect
The Agam'an dialect concatenates many words, omitting the either the first consonant, the last consonant, or both, if three or more words are concatenated; most consonats omitted are coronal.  
Estric Dialect
The Estric dialect is the least consonental; unlike the Agam'an dialect however, the Estric forgoes concatenating and plainly omits many of the consonants.  
Sala'kiri Dialect
The Sala'kiri dialect also tends towards concatenations; however, it evolved to be more gutteral in its nature, perticulary vowels and where concatenated words were joined.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


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