I swear by all five gods that this man had tentacles for fingers. By the time he mange to operate the main sail by himself the rest of the crew were still climbing the ropes.   Every Afternoon, naked and with nothing but a spear he would jump inside those shark infested waters, and every afternoon he would return with the biggest fish you've ever seen. If I could find two more like him I would have replaced all of you before we even reached Sesan.
— Armion Palebeard, Captain of The Leaky Sparrow.
      The Agam'an (Agom'ansh for female, Agam'ani for male and Agam'an for plural) are various Human sea dwelling nomads clans originating east of Edora. They are mainly found around the eastern coast, acting as traders, sailors and even pirates.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Abatésh Anesh, Berash, Bédosh, Casãsh, Cãtosh, Fyash, Herosh, Luesh, Naosh, Orish, Shish, Virash.

Masculine names

Asãri, Cãvãri, Batéri, Diravvri, Étori Hãttori, Ilumri, Kiranri, Pãriari Mirakri, Rãgari, Tãri Visãri

Family names

Agumanu, Aiém, Ballou, Bénta, Bais, Cotto, Cumbã, Devon, Etiénam, Fenel, Frue, Guril, Harutt, Strér, Sãkkãr


Shared customary codes and values

The Agam'an spend most or even all of their lives on their ships. A community of Agam'an is called Mãné, it is a "mothership" of kind, comprised from many vessels connected together to form a floating hamlet of sorts.   The Agam'an are comprised of extremely small and tight clans, mostly dealing with each other, trading with the land dwelers only for the necessities of their clans. They rarely arrive on land as even the more regualr trade with the outside world is being done at sea, onboard their ships.

Average technological level

The Agam'am are expert ship builders, their ship designs reportedly allow to cross great distances with great efficiency. Their understanding of the sea is also great, and they have mastered the arts of navigating with the ocean's currents.

Coming of Age Rites

When Agam'an reach certain age they are tasked with gathering materials and building their own boat. The feat might take anywhere from a few months to a few years and the end result will determine the person's roll and prestige in their clan.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When Agam'an die their clan builds them a funeral boat that is designed to sink. The body is then tied to the boat, and is set on their finale voyage. The vessel slowly breaks, finally sinking with the body to the depths of the ocean.   An Agam who died by drowning is considered Agit'um, a drowned one and his soul is believed to traverse the oceans currents, guiding lost sailors to safety and avenging the wicked who prey on the weak.

Common Taboos

Dying on land is the biggest social taboo of the Agam'an, who believe they originate from the depths of the ocean and that they must return to the ocean once they are dead.   If a clan finds out that one of their members has died on land they will act relentlessly and go to great lengths to bring the body to a proper burial.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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Human, Agam'an

ability score increase: Charisma +2
age: Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.
alignment: Humans tend toward no particular alignment. The best and the worst are found among them.
Size: Medium
speed: 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Languages: Common, Avaree, and three other normal languages
parent race: Human
race features:
Seasoned Trader. You have proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills. Additionally, you have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and Wisdom (Insight) checks when negotiating prices with other creatures that aren't hostile toward you and on checks made to determine the value and quality of items.
Masters of the Seas. You gain proficiency with vehicles (water). You have a swimming speed of 30 feet. You can hold your breath twice as long before suffocating.
Well Traveled. You know two additional languages in addition to the ones that you already know; additionally, any Intelligence (geography) check you make is made with adventage, and you may reroll one of the dice if you failed the check.


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